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Linn Cooperative is a full-service agronomy cooperative in east-central Iowa. We offer a complete line of products and services for crop nutrients, seed and crop protection.

As a member-owned co-op, our objective is to continually look for ways to help growers get me most of their agronomic dollars. We’re focused on return on investment for each and every grower.

Our Team

Our professional team of agronomists have the expertise to help you navigate an increasingly complex agronomic world. Linn Cooperatives dedicated team of agronomist are Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs), and can provide specialized consulting, recommendations and crop planning services for your specific operation.

Central City Office
Location Details

1914 Burnett Station Road
Central City, IA 52214

Our Facilities

We’ve made continual investments and upgrades in our facilities and equipment to stay on top of producer demands and industry needs. Our state-of-the-art agronomy centers in Central City and Newhall utilize cutting edge technology necessary to precisely and accurately measure product to ensure the exact amount of product is placed in your field. 

We structured our agronomy facilities with growers in mind. Flexibility is how products are delivered. We can provide pick up of delivery service options for all of our seed, chemical, and fertilizer products. 

Contact one of our sales agronomists to find out how Linn Cooperative can benefit your farming operation.

Ag 21

AG 21: A Precision Ag Program

It’s not just a process – AG 21 Precision Ag Program is a complete precision package. By enrolling your operation in the program, we will provide a full service on farm assessment by analyzing your resources then putting them to work to the fullest extent. Maximizing investments while minimizing impact on the environment. Focusing on every dollar working for the most profitable agronomic impact is our goal. From pre-season planning, to specialized in-season scouting, and finalizing post-season mapping with soil sampling, we are with you throughout the production year.


Any successful season starts with a calculated plan; AG 21 can help you plan profitably. By utilizing previous year’s data along with the latest in seed and chemical technology we can help guide agronomic decisions for the upcoming season. We evaluate and consider your cropping inputs from specialized seed selection, precise fertilizer placement and full spectrum herbicide programs. From there we can plan a profitable value-based production program that aligns with your on-farm resources. Beyond the field we can provide financial analysis planning of production inputs to help determine your break even yield requirements. This service is executed with the strictest confidentiality in mind.


For good implementation and follow through, we progressively scout AG 21 fields throughout the growing season. Fields enrolled in the AG 21 Precision Ag Program will be scouted every week to 10 days, starting before planting and concluding once early dry down has begun.

  • The field is examined by our trained scouts for any pre-season concerns. This allows for better pre-plant weed control and helps minimize late-season yield- robbing outbreaks.
  • Scheduled scouting begins after the field is planted. Scouting observations are recorded on an easy-to-read form that helps you understand and address the dynamics of your fields.
  • Any crop stresses, such as weeds, insects or disease will be presented to you with the most cost-effective options for control.
  • Scouting continues long after treatments have ended. Corn is continually scouted for insects, late season diseases and pre-harvest yield estimates are evaluated. Soybeans are scouted for late-season insect and disease outbreaks that can ultimately rob yields.
Yield Mapping

Data collected from your field monitor can be used within the AG 21 program as well. Yield mapping technology helps growers identify problem areas within their field. By assisting you with your monitor we can provide accuracy for your equipment, deciphering yield data, and pinpointing areas of concern. Once identified our experts can help guide you through a complete line of products to help you reach your production goals.

Soil Sampling

All of AG 21 Precision Ag Program acres are soil sampled using the latest GIS technology. Soil samples can be collected in the Fall or Spring every two to four years to build a complete proactive soil analysis. This sampling timeline helps you define your production goals and refine your production strategy. 

Samples are collected on a standard 2.5-acre grid within a field boundary that is established on site. Sample points are marked and saved for future soil sampling collections. This allows for accurate, consistent and repeatable results for long-term profitable crop production. 

Once Linn Coop receives the soil analysis back from the lab, we then overlay the results on your field to establish appropriate nutrient recommendations. This report is an easy-to-understand color map based on your field’s nutrient values and requirements. Testing can produce results for pH, buffer pH, organic matter, phosphorus and potassium. Additional tests can be done upon request.

VRT Maps and Application

We will work with you to determine what, if any, fertilizer or liming is needed. Should your fields need fertility corrections, we can create maps for our variable-rate technology (VRT) fertilizer and lime spreaders. These maps precisely show where fertilizer or lime is needed. Maps are then entered into a computer onboard the application equipment, and the field is spread. 

We adhere to the 4Rs philosophy: 

  • Right source
  • Right rate
  • Right time
  • Right place

This assures each area of the field is treated to maximize yields, while minimizing the risk of misapplication and saving you money.

Other Precision Ag Services

Precision agriculture uses technology, including Geological Information Systems (GIS), to accurately reference specific points in a field. These points are then combined with soil test results to more accurately apply crop nutrients and help maximize every dollar spent. Whether you utilize our comprehensive AG 21 program or individual precision ag services, the professionals at Linn Coop are here to help. 

Geo-referenced Sampling 

  • Grid sampling: Handheld computers are used to plot a soil sampling grid.
  • GIS sampling: Using the same computers as grid sampling, we sample fields in any variety of ways. 

Soil Nutrient Maps
The results of your GIS-sampled fields are displayed in an easy-to-read color map, showing the values and locations of nutrients in your field. 

This management tool uses input prices to help you determine break even yields and price goals. 

Tile Lines and Borders
For the most accurate map of your field, we can outline waterways and tile lines.

Protect Your Future with Truterra

Capture the data you need to participate in regenerative ag programs and earn carbon credits while you improve soil health, improve crop production, and protect the environment. We partner with Truterra to better tailor management practices and implement new technologies on a field-by-field basis.

Top-performing Seed for Productive Iowa Acres

We’re proud to offer the full line of Pioneer seed hybrids and varieties, including corn, soybeans, and alfalfa seed. We also offer a full line of grass seed, CRP mixes and cover crops.

Pioneer invests heavily in plant research to optimize the best yields through new innovations in corn and soybean seed. Our agronomic expertise at Linn Cooperative allows us to help growers select the right seed for each acre and maximize genetic potential.

Seed Treatment

Linn Co-Op offers custom seed treatment for soybeans with packages that include fungicide, insecticide, nematicide and inoculant. View the PDF for more details.

Feed Your Soil to Nourish Your Crops

Linn Cooperative offers a full-line of macro (N, P, K, S) and micro nutrients (Zn, B, etc.) for your crops. But we also bring expertise in new technologies that improve soil health and enhance the effectiveness of traditional fertilizers.

Our goal is to get the most efficient use out of every dollar spent on plant nutrition. We seek out products that enhance basic fertilizers and allow the plant to better access nutrients in the soil. Talk to us about foliar feeding, nutrient stabilizers, biologicals, and enhancement products. Some of these include:

Ascend® SL

This plant growth regulator contains three EPA-registered regulators designed to provide early plant germination and emergence, a robust root system, large leaves and wider stems. The soluble liquid plant growth regulators support cell division, leaf expansion and root formation in corn, soybeans and additional crop applications.

Take Off® LS

Take Off LS allows plants to more efficiently assimilate carbon and utilize nitrogen and other nutrients. The result is enhanced nutrient use efficiency, leading to more bushels per acre per amount of nutrients applied.


N-Serve slows the conversion of ammonium to nitrates, reducing leaching and denitrification. It maximizes yield potential by ensuring more applied nitrogen stays in the root zone in a stable, usable form until the corn crop needs it

Nutrisphere-N® HV

NutriSphere-N Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager keeps more nitrogen available for plant uptake and inhibits potential N loss. This helps contribute to higher yield potential and can reduce the amount of nitrogen that winds up in surface or ground water through runoff and leaching.

N-Charge™ G

When applied to urea, ammonium sulfate, or a blend of these fertilizers, NUE-Charge G results in months of increased efficacy, and can be stored indefinitely without loss in quality. In addition, it offers simple handling and spreading on urea and other dry nitrogen fertilizers.

Avail® T5

This phosphorus fertilizer enhancer makes phosphorus uptake more efficient for your plants, resulting in up to 45% more phosphorus being accessible to crops.

Protect Crops from Weeds, Disease and Pests

When you work with Linn Cooperative for your crop protection needs, you’ll find:

    • A complete line of products
    • Knowledgeable staff to recommend the right product for the needs
    • The right equipment to put the product where it’s needed

We sell bulk and packaged products from all the major manufacturers, and we work with their buying programs to get you every dollar you’re entitled to receive. Deliveries are available as well.

The general product categories we offer include:

Agronomy Services

Custom application

Our custom application services are built around accuracy and efficiency. The application equipment at Linn Cooperative is second to none, and you can rest assured that the job will be done right and on time. All our equipment is routinely updated with the latest technology and maintained to provide the correct application rate across every field.

Financing programs

We provide financing from John Deere, Rabo, CFA and others. Please talk to an agronomy salesperson for details.