Keep Your Lawn Beautiful and Healthy

Rely on Our Experienced Pros

The new, experienced team at Linn Cooperative is eager to provide professional lawn care, tree care and pest control services to the communities we serve in east-central Iowa. 

We value your time and we’ll come to you to discuss your needs. Our goal is to meet your objectives and earn your business as a customer year after year. We’re here for answers and assistance, and we’ll communicate with you in the manner that works best – email, phone or text. 

We also offer a wide selection of products and advice for customers who prefer to do their own lawn care. 

Contact us for an assessment, and one of our five certified technicians will come out to look and let you know our recommendation.


Call today for free estimates and information on all lawn care services.

Lawn and Tree Care

Our lawn care program is based on a five-treatment program of granular products. We prefer granular products because we believe they are easier on the lawn and won’t burn like liquid products can. We also watch for weed problems as the season goes on and can apply post-emergent herbicides as necessary.

We exclusively use D&K Turf Products for fertilizers, chemicals, seed. This Iowa-based company has roots in our area, and they are another resource for our technicians and customers.

Our people

All our technicians are certified through the Iowa Dept. of Agriculture, and they receive ongoing, continuing education through Iowa State University extension.

New tree services!

  • Tree injections for insect and disease prevention, nutrient deficiencies. This method is more effective than spraying, and there’s no chance of problems with wind or contact with chemicals. It lasts longer than sprays and is 100% effective. Pricing is based on the problem with the tree and the size of tree.
  • We now offer emerald ash borer prevention.
  • Call for us for a quote on these and other tree care services.

Rodent Control Program

  • Monthly scheduled visits to monitor/control rodents and insects
  • Tamper proof bait stations (Great for areas with kids and pets)
  • Insect control for complete yards and structure perimeters
  • Reasonable costs starting at just over $1 per day
  • Call today for free estimates and information on all lawn care services 319-447-1225