Our Newhall & Springville locations are getting upgrades! Make sure to stop in and see what your local cooperative is doing to better serve its customers.


The Linn Co-op Lawn Care Department offers a wide variety of lawn care services including:

  • Lawn fertilization and weed control programs
  • White grub prevention and rescue treatments
  • Core aeration
  • Lawn fungicide applications
  • Turf over seeding and new seeding
  • Lime/gypsum applications for PH balancing

We also offer a big selection of products and advise for the customers that prefer to do their own lawn care.


Linn Co-op Lawn Care Department is partnering with the Agronomy Department to help customers with pasture grass and dry fertilizer.

Pasture farm price list

**Prices subject to change without notice. Please contract Brad for more information.




  • Monthly scheduled visits to monitor/control rodents and insects
  • Tamper proof bait stations (Great for areas with kids and pets)
  • Insect control for complete yards and structure perimeters
  • Very reasonable costs starting at just over $1 per day


Call today for free estimates and information on all lawn care services 319-447-1225.