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Precision agriculture is the use of the latest in computer technology. Commonly referred to as GIS, or Geological Information Systems, these technologies allow for the accurate referencing of a specific point in a field. These points are then combined with soil test results from those points. From this referencing and testing, we can more accurately apply crop nutrients to help maximize every dollar spent. At Linn Coop we have several ways to do this. When combined, they form the AG.21 program. Individually, they are our precision agriculture services.

Geo-referenced sampling:

Grid sampling: We use handheld computers to lay your fields out in a grid for soil sampling.

GIS sampling: Using the same computers as grid sampling, we can sample your fields in any variety of ways.

Soil Nutrient Maps:

We show the results of your GIS sampled fields in an easy to read color map, showing the values and locations of the nutrients in your field.

Variable Rate Maps:

Using the results of soil tests or your yield maps, we create variable rate maps for the field. This puts the dry fertilizer or lime where it needs to be.


This is a management tool that uses your input prices to help you determine break even yields and price goals.


We offer weekly scouting of your fields for weeds, insects, disease, and general crop development. All delivered every week in an easy to read report.

Yield Mapping:

If you have a yield monitor, we can download and print all of your yield map results.

Tile Lines and Borders:

To give the most accurate map of your field, we can outline your fields, including waterways and include tile lines.

Variable Rate Spreading:

Using the latest in variable rate technology, we can apply both lime and fertilizer to the areas of your fields that need them, in the amounts they need.

Feel free to contact our Newhall or Springville location for all of your precision ag needs.