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It’s not just a process, it’s a complete precision program. It’s about using your resources to the fullest. Maximizing your investments. Minimizing your impact on the environment. Making every dollar spent work for the most benefit. From pre-season planning, to in-season scouting, all the way to post season mapping, soil sampling, and analysis.

Any good season starts with a good plan, and AG 21 will help you plan better. Combining last years results with information from years past, as well as the latest in seed and chemical technology, we sit down with you to help you fill your crop plans. We weigh all your options from seed selection, to fertilizer, to herbicide programs, and then chose the program that?s right for your fields. Along with planning the inputs for your AG 21 acres, we can do a financial analysis of the inputs and determine your break even yield requirements. All done with the strictest of confidentiality.

Any good plan needs good implementation and good follow through. And what better way to check on a fields plan than to scout it. With AG 21, your fields will be scouted every week to 10 days, starting before you even plant it. The field is examined by our trained scouts for any pre-season concerns. This allows for better pre-plant weed control and helps minimize late season yield robbing outbreaks. After the field is planted, the regular scouting begins. The results of the trips are all written up on an easy to read form that helps you to better understand the dynamics of your fields. Any weed, insect, or other stresses on the crop will be presented to you, with the most cost effective options for there control. This scouting continues long after herbicide spraying has ended. Your corn crop will be scouted for corn borer, and yield estimates will be done. Your soybeans will be scouted for late season insect outbreaks, as well as for diseases that can rob future yields.

Yield Mapping
For those producers that have yield monitors, AG 21 also offers mapping of the results. We have the memory cards that your monitor needs, and the expertise to help you make your monitor as accurate as possible. Once you have the maps, our trained AG 21 professionals will help you understand some of the reasons for the yields in your fields and help you make changes to improve them.

Soil Sampling
All AG 21 acres are sampled using the latest in GIS technology. The field boundary will be drawn and a series of samples are taken. These samples can be taken by soil type, address sampled, or by any method you choose, though most opt for the field to be grid sampled with a 2.5 acre grid. The samples are submitted to a lab and we put the results in an easy to understand format. Maps are made for pH, organic matter, phosphorus, and potassium.

VRT Application
We then sit down with you and determine what, if any fertilizer or liming needs your fields may have. Should your fields need fertility corrections in any areas, we can create spread maps for our VRT fertilizer and lime spreaders. These maps accurately show both you, and our applicators where the fertilizer or lime is needed. These maps are then entered into a computer in the machine, and the field is spread. The product is put only where it is needed, in the amounts needed. That assures that each area of the field is treated to maximize the yields of the area while minimizing the risk of miss-application, possibly damaging the environment, and saving you money.

Other Services
We also offer various other services using our precision ag technologies. Check out our Precision Ag Page to see what we can do for you.
As you can see, this program is an all encompassing one. We are there for you and your crop from the time the snow melts in April, till the time the snow flies in November. Stop by either our Newhall or Springville offices and talk your AG 21 specialist. Jeff Fitzgerald or Barry Fuessley would be glad to discuss the details of the AG 21 Program and help you determine if it is right for your operation.

Jeff Fitzgerald

Barry Fuessley