Due to the construction project, Springville does not have a scale right now. Check back for updates. Thank you!

Springville Remodel

Linn Coop’s office in Springville is going to get a new look this year! The current office and scale will both be getting torn down and we will be putting up a new office and scale to better fit our customers needs.

With this transition there comes a few changes, we will no longer be carrying the items we currently have in our feed room (bird feed, softener salt, livestock feed, etc.). We have a few things left, but will not be reordering once the items are sold out. We will still carry seed, fertilizer, chemicals, etc. Feel free to call ahead to check availability on any products.

Due to the remodel and the scale getting torn out, effective Friday March 13th, the scale in Springville will no longer be usable. If you need to dump grain please call the Alburnett location and check their availability, 319-842-2222. We can still buy and sell as normal, though, and if you have grain currently stored in the elevator you can still sell that as well.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to call and ask or stop in our office. The temporary office will be located to the west of the current office building and along the north side of the shop.