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Changes in the Grain Department

Many of you have heard of the changes being made by Linn Co-op in the grain departments at Alburnett & Springville, but there has also been some confusion and misunderstanding. Here is a brief explanation to try and clear things up and please don’t hesitate to call with questions!


Linn Coop has made some changes in the Alburnett and Springville Grain Departments in March. Most of the changes will not affect the way you sell your grain or who you sell through. Heather in the Alburnett office has been taking care of all the returns for both locations for the last 4 years so as a company we have now decided to merge these accounts together.  If you haul your grain to the processors you will no longer tell them Linn Coop Marion or Springville, we are running all processor returns through our Alburnett vendor accounts starting immediately.  Both Alburnett and Springville grain merchants will still buy and sell your grain, same as in the past. The Alburnett office will process all the returns and cut all the checks for direct ship loads, Jessica in the Springville office will only be cutting checks for grain that is physically hauled into the Springville location.  Please contact Heather in Alburnett 319-842-2222 or Jessica in Springville 319-854-6192 if you have any further questions.